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New Wave

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  • Size: 49.5 x 18 x 2 cm
  • Material: New Teak
  • Colour: White Washed
  • Finishing: Water Based Paint
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Please ensure that these instructions only contain general information and recommendations for use by Haradeco. These instructions are purely informative. Check the local building regulations to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements for proper construction.



Haradeco wood wall panels only be used inside in dry,well-ventilated areas. As with any natural wood product, be sure to acclimate the wood to the environment where it will be installed. Stack wood panels in alternating rows and allow them to

acclimate for at least 48 hours.

If you are preparing to install wood panels in a newly constructed space, use plywood for the walls instead of drywall. This will ensure a smoother installation process and prevent damage should you choose to remove the panels later on.

If you intend to install panels on an existing wall, you will first need to clean the walls. Wipe down papered or painted walls thoroughly. If the wall is coated with glossy paint, rough the surface with sandpaper to improve the grip of the adhesive.



  • Consider your focal point, the floor or ceiling, and start
  • We recommend for indoor installations using PVAc glue or an assembly adhesive suitable for gluing wood to the Apply the adhesive lengthways to the back of the individual wooden elements in even strips up to max. 15mm from the edge. Do not use an excessive quantity of adhesive.
  • Haradeco Wall Panels are installed from the bottom Always lay out a few panels (e.g. 3-5 m2) ready near the work area.
  • You’ll need to cut some wall panels to fit snuggly into the To do this, measure the distance from the last installed panel to the corner of the wall. Using a table saw or simply a fine-toothed hand saw,cut the final panel in the row to size. It Is recommended that you measure and cut panels one row at a time. Though it may be tempting to cut all the comer panels at once and to one measurement, this will only work if your walls are straight and the distance to the corner is consistent from top to bottom. If your walls are slightly crooked, the distance to the comer at the bottom might be wider than that at the top, or vice versa. This will create unsightly gaps.
  • Press the Haradeco Wall Panels firmly so that there is good adhesion to the Leave the assembly adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours before further handling the panels


Maintenance & Cleaning

When cleaning, do not use acidic products, chemical detergents or steel brushes as they may damage the surface. Use a clean, soft – and perhaps slightly damp – cloth for cleaning.



All measurements are nominal values and are subject to manufacturing tolerances. We are continually working on renewing and improving our products. Haradeco therefore reserves the right to change the design and specifications without prior notice.



Haradeco Wall Panel product is a natural product and may exhibit colour variations and different shades by nature and due to climate influences. As a result, a uniform, even colour cannot be guaranteed. These variations highlight the natural appearance of Haradeco products and do not have any effect on the technical suitability of the products.



The Haradeco product may swell or shrink due to natural environmental influences (e.g. changes in temperature and/or humidity). Bear this in mind if you wish to panel an entire wall.



(Hairline) cracks, fissures in the surface or other small imperfections may occur in the surface of Haradeco products. The fact that these have no effect on the functionality of the products and are not cause for complaint applies here, too.


Health & Safety

Always first read the instructions for use and the guidelines for the product you are using. In case of doubt, always seek specialist advice first. Dust is generated when sawing wooden products at high speed. Inhaling excessive quantities of dust over a longer period of time may result in persistent health problems. Therefore, wear good safety goggles and a dust mask.


Fire Safety

Wood is a naturally combustible material. You should, therefore, be aware that adding layers of wood to your space can increase the risk of fire. It is recommended that you avoid installing wood panels near any heat source. To minimize the risk of fire, you can treat panels with a fire retardant spray. While coating panels does not render them fireproof -they are wood, after all -it can reduce the possibility that a fire will start and/or spread. If you have doubts or questions, contact your local fire department for more information.



Covering one wall with dynamic, wood  panels and offsetting that with simple painted or papered walls on either  side can work    well, particularly in smaller, enclosed spaces. The walls above staircase landings are also the perfect place for visually-engagi ng wood  panels, we tend to look straight ahead as we climb or descend   staircases.

If you like the idea of wood wall coverings but don’t want to commit to paneling an entire wall, a partial wall covering might be just the thing. This can be a great way to transform an otherwise unremarkable area into a dynamic focal point Wood panels can make ordinary pillars,kitchen islands, and focal points pop. Focal points such as windows or mirrors can be accented with a border of panels much the same way a picture is enhanced with a well-chosen frame. More subtle applications can also be effective. Placing wood panels along the interior of niches or recessed shelves can create dazzling contrast with the flat walls they’re built into.